GC Recycling Program

The GC Recycling Program is taking shape, albeit a bit behind schedule due to complications from personnel turnover and logistics. Currently we have 40 blue bins in place, with about 18 of those adopted by volunteer organizations or individuals. Please read more at our web site: http://www.gcsu.edu/green and if you know of someone or an RSO interested in volunteering to help recycle, please email green@gcsu.edu.

Recycling Results

Last week in a meeting with John Gadson (GC Plant Operations Director) and Jon Hipp (Advanced Disposal General Manager), we received results from the first year of GC Recycling Program:

17 Feb 11- 3.36 TN Mixed
2 May 11- 2.85 TN Mixed
11 Aug 11- 1.12 TN Cardboard
21 Sep 11- 1.39 TN Cardboard
28 Sep 11- 3.32 TN Mixed

Congratulations Georgia College! You have an institutional recycling program! Now let’s get those numbers up! We should have at least one drop of the recycling container each month.

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Georgia College Staff and Faculty Attend GA Campus Sustainability Meeting

Georgia College was represented at this week’s first-ever meeting for University System of Georgia campus sustainability directors, held at Macon State College on Friday, June 11, 2010.  The meeting was arranged by the National Wildlife Federation, as part of their Campus Ecology program.  Over 50 attendees, representing 24 Georgia colleges and agencies, came together to learn more about funding, planing, and implementing sustainability policies and procedures.

Kevin Murner, Associate Director for Energy Management, Utilities, Emergency Preparedness & Occupational Safety Projects, was joined at the event by Rick Ruark, Associate Director for Planning, Construction & Business Services, and Dr. Doug Oetter, Sustainability Council Chair.   Presentations from sustainability leaders around the state demonstrated effective and current techniques and approaches to building sustainability.

2010 Georgia Campus Sustainability Meeting Agenda