GCSU Energy and Transportation Research Study 2010

A team of five GCSU marketing research students investigated issues of awareness of energy saving opportunities, attitude toward energy saving opportunities, energy saving behaviors, energy saving intentions. They also researched aware of alternative transportation opportunities, attitudes toward alternative transportation opportunities, alternative transportation behaviors, and alternative transportation intentions. The study included 183 usable surveys from students,Continue reading “GCSU Energy and Transportation Research Study 2010”

Water Surveys 2010 – 2011

In 2010/2011, two studies a year apart conducted by undergraduate marketing research students at GCSU addressed some of the same research questions – results follow each question: 1) What are the faculty and students’ levels of awareness about water usage at GCSU? 2010 – This was addressed in several ways to draw conclusions. However, oneContinue reading “Water Surveys 2010 – 2011”

Good Jobs Green Jobs Regional Conference 2012

This was a great experience. I met a lot of great contacts and enourage you to go to http://www.greenjobsconfernce.org to check it out. There is also a Facebook. It is facebook.com/goodjobsgreenjobs. You can follow the conference on twitter @gjgjconference #gjgj2012. The conference will be held in  in the West in Los Angeles, CA  March 15-16, Philadelphia,Continue reading “Good Jobs Green Jobs Regional Conference 2012”