Water Surveys 2010 – 2011

In 2010/2011, two studies a year apart conducted by undergraduate marketing research students at GCSU addressed some of the same research questions – results follow each question:

1) What are the faculty and students’ levels of awareness about water usage at GCSU?

2010 – This was addressed in several ways to draw conclusions. However, one particularly disturbing finding was that out of 235 respondents (i.e., 116 students and 119 faculty and staff), 70.3% were unaware to completely unaware of any proposed water conservation efforts at GCSU. In other words, no matter what efforts are being conducted, they are not clearly visible to students, faculty or staff.

2011 – This was addressed in several ways; however, out of 71 students who participated (not conducted across faculty and staff), only 11.7% were aware to totally aware of any water conservation efforts at GCSU. Once again, it is noted that visibility of efforts should be a priority. By educating others about the efforts being taken, perhaps it will become viral and others will join the effort.

2) What are the faculty and students’ attitudes toward their role in water conservation while at GCSU?

2010 – 72.5% of GCSU respondents (i.e., faculty, staff and students) believe water conservation at GCSU to be important to extremely important. Of those responding to this survey 78.8% state that rain water harvesting is important to strongly important and 69.3% believe shower timers and dual flush toilets are somewhat important to important.

2011 – 60.3% of student respondents at GCSU believed that their individual actions were either important or extremely important as to water conservation.

3) What motivates faculty and students’ to conserve water while at GCSU?

2010 – 58.3% of 180 respondents were highly motivated by higher fees to conserve water, while 61.2% also reported concerns for the environment, and 63.1% were motivated by droughts as well.

However, drought conditions improved and as can be seen in 2011, they were not quite as motivated (yet it played a significant factor).

2011 – of the 68 who responded to this scale, 50% were somewhat motivated and 26.5% were motivated by general concerns for the environment to conserve water. Whereas, 39.7% were somewhat motivated and 38.2% were motivated by the drought to conserve water. High water fees somewhat motive 26.5% of the student respondents while 52.9% would definitely be motivated by higher fees. The stick not the carrot was the most significant motivator for these respondents.

4) What are faculty and students’ current water usage behaviors on GCSU property?

2010 – For those respondents living on campus, a typical shower was reported on average between six to 10 minutes. As to whether the respondents typically leave the water running while brushing their teach 77.8% reported that they do not. However when asked if they would report a leaking faucet on campus 32.2% said no.

2011 – data not collected

One thought on “Water Surveys 2010 – 2011

  1. These studies taken together show that we have a lot of PR and advertising to do on the GC campus as to sustainability. FYI, very few respondents even knew that a Sustainability Council exists and even fewer knew what the council does.

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