Georgia College Announces New Full-Time Director of Sustainability Search

In an effort to streamline sustainability efforts across campus, and respond to a demonstrated need to conserve energy and water, Georgia College has announced the creation of a new full-time position for an Assistant Director of Sustainability.  The position will be based in Plant Operations, reporting to the Facilities Director.

The summary of responsibilities for the position is: “to collaborate with University leaders, students, faculty, and staff to set and achieve the goals for the University Sustainability Strategy.  This position will lead and foster a campus culture that embraces sustainable policies, actions, and attitudes related to energy conservation and reduction of emissions as well as conservation of resources and waste reduction.  This position will partner with colleges and departments, administrative units and students and student groups to identify and complete projects that contribute to the University’s sustainability goals and foster behavior change.”

Tasks for the position will include Program Direction, University Sustainability Strategy, Development of Partnerships, and Resource Management.  The minimum qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree and 5-10 years experience.  Applicants may review the position and submit their information at

Published by Doug R. Oetter

Professor of Geography at Georgia College & State University.

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