Organics and Composting


To support the continuance and growth of the West Campus Garden and to promote the use of composting as a means of making Georgia College a more sustainable campus.


  • Continue growing produce at the West Campus Garden
  • Seek additional opportunities for future garden projects
  • Provide quality produce to the members of the campus
  • Continue the recovery and composting of lawn material on campus
  • Divert pre- and post-consumer food waste generated in the dining hall from the landfill by composting it in the in-vessel system
  • Provide quality soil amendment for use on the campus, both by the Grounds Department and at the West Campus Garden


For over 20 years, lawn material, such as tree branches, shrubbery, and other plants, has been composted by the Grounds Department. They have used the compost material generated to benefit landscaping on the Georgia College campus. Susan Daniels, Assistant Director of Grounds, has been instrumental in ensuring the success of these efforts. In addition, Mrs. Daniels and her crew continually promote sustainable landscaping practices around campus.

In 2014, through the Sustainability Fee Program, the Sustainability Council approved a student-led project to extend composting efforts to food waste. Since the approval of the project, a Model 205 in-vessel composting unit has been installed; and the process of collecting food waste from the Max has begun. The research portion of this project will last one to three years, after which a best practices manual for collecting and composting pre- and post-consumer waste from the Max will be produced and used to ensure the continued success of the program.

In 2015, also through the Sustainability Fee Program, the Sustainability Council approved a student-led project to create a garden on campus which is called the West Campus Garden. Construction began in the summer of 2015; gardening began on August 29, 2015; and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held on October 5, 2016. The West Campus Garden is a community garden and student involvement is encouraged.

Georgia College Sustainability Council
Campus Box 085 | Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone 478-445-7016 | Fax 478-445-1797
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