Bobcats Work Green

Bobcats Work Green is a partnership program designed and administered by the Office of Sustainability. This program is open to all GC offices and organizations interested in helping make our campus more green. For our sustainability initiatives to be ever more successful, all of our sustainability stakeholders must be engaged. For this reason, the goals of the Bobcats Work Green program are to:

  • Foster a culture of sustainability on the GC campus,
  • Teach students, faculty, and staff about sustainability best practices, and
  • Create stakeholders who will continually spread sound sustainability practices throughout campus.

To participate in Bobcats Work Green, offices and departments can follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Contact the Office of Sustainability ( to indicate your interest in becoming a partner.
  2. Designate a Green Bobcat Liaison, a member of the office to be the point person for all sustainability efforts.
  3. Schedule an initial walk through with Office of Sustainability representatives to showcase your office workflow and needs.
  4. Attend a presentation by the Office of Sustainability designed to educate the office members about sustainability (both in general and on campus) as well as sound sustainability practices to be implemented into their daily routines.
  5. Sign the GC sustainability pledge.
  6. Implement the sustainability action items contained within the Bobcats Work Green Guidance Document.
  7. Advertise and publicize your participation in the program.

We are excited that the following departments have joined our Bobcats Work Green program!

  1. University Housing
  2. Biological & Environmental Sciences
  3. Academic Advising Center
  4. University Advancement
  5. Center for Teaching & Learning
  6. Department of History & Geography
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