Energy Use and Efficiency


To lower Georgia College’s carbon footprint through the reduction of energy consumption, and to create an atmosphere at GC where conservation of energy is expected and rewarded.


  • To meet the Governor’s Energy Challenge, which is to reduce energy consumption per square foot by 15% below the 2007 level, and to do so by 2020
  • To meter all buildings separately so that employees who work in that building can be encouraged and rewarded to save energy
  • To continue to improve facilities building automation systems to allow for more flexibility with HVAC controls and temperature range, and to establish protocols which will provide the greatest flexibility and reduce energy consumption
  • To work with the Transportation and Water Subcommittees with the aim of conserving energy and resources at the institutional level

Saving Energy

Georgia College’s energy use is enormous; each year we spend over $2 million on electricity alone.  Conserving energy is smart for other reasons as well: burning coal to produce power can be inefficient and polluting, it damages local communities in coal-mining regions, and it discourages cleaner local solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The most important thing you can do is to reduce your energy use by being aware of how much you consume.  While we all want to be warm and safe, we don’t need to leave the lights on or the heat up when there isn’t anyone in the room.  Please turn out the lights and lower the thermostat when you leave.  Here is a valuable link that suggests easy ways to reduce your energy use.

Here are some simple suggestions from the National Wildlife Federation for reducing your carbon impact and saving our campus valuable energy resources:

  • Turn off unnecessary lights
  • Hang dry clothes
  • Turn off power strips
  • Replace your old light bulbs with Compact Florescent Lights
  • Use computer labs instead of personal computers
  • Turn down the brightness on your screen
  • Turn your computer off instead of putting it in standby
  • Walk stairs instead of taking elevator
  • Bike or use public transportation instead of driving your car
  • Take fewer showers
  • Adjust your thermostat (78 in summer; 68 in winter)
  • Put plastic on your windows to winterize your dorm room more effectively
  • Dress more warmly, wear more layers
  • Sign a campus energy pledge to abide by certain energy reduction strategies
  • Generate your own ideas and share them with others…

Georgia’s industries, including schools, can do a lot to save energy!

Other Energy Conservation Links:

Georgia College Sustainability Council
Campus Box 085 | Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone 478-445-7016 | Fax 478-445-1797
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