Good Jobs Green Jobs Regional Conference 2012

This was a great experience. I met a lot of great contacts and enourage you to go to to check it out. There is also a Facebook. It is You can follow the conference on twitter @gjgjconference #gjgj2012.

The conference will be held in  in the West in Los Angeles, CA  March 15-16, Philadelphia, PA April 3-4, and in the Midwest in Detroit, MI May 10-11

While at this conference I met Bernie Burgerner with the Southeastern Green Chamber of Commerce.

I am quoting part of his email below:

“You can find more information on the Green Chamber and on our Greenhouse Accelerator on our website:

Your ‘Shades of Green’ efforts look very interesting and seem to have found an appreciative audience.  We are all about creating green local jobs by helping green startups become successful, and we do this by accompanying the startups with a team of advisors for about two years, and by providing bridge loans of up to $50,000 – all pro bono (as a non-profit organization), applying the experience and know-how of our wide membership base.  We also take the ‘sustainability’ message to academic institutions – we spent time in the classrooms with Emory’s Goizueta Business School Executive MBA program and with GSU’s Global Partners’ MBA program.”
I plan to join the chamber as an individual. I think it is worth the money to have a voice in green jobs.

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