Georgia Campus Sustainability Network Fall Conference – 09.14.2012

Call for Proposals: Georgia Campus Sustainability Network Fall Conference – 09.14.2012

Proposals are currently being accepted for one-hour panel sessions for the fall meeting of the Georgia Campus Sustainability Network (GCSN) meeting at Georgia State University, September 14, from 9am-3pm. Each session will be facilitated by a moderator, and include three panelists with technical and/or business expertise in the featured topical area. Panel discussion topics include:

Sustainability in the Curriculum: Integrating sustainability in higher education curriculums requires powerful shifts in pedagogical thinking. This panel session will focus on how to introduce sustainability themes into the classroom through traditional and non-traditional methods.

Funding your sustainability efforts: What means of funding are available to subsidize campus sustainability goals? This panel session will focus how schools across the state have found innovative ways to secure funding for “green” projects.

Engaging Students in Sustainability: How can faculty and administrators connect with students and provide support to help them transform their universities into models of sustainability? How can students work to make their campus more ecologically and socially sustainable? To provide some answers to these questions, this panel will feature 2 student presenters & 1 faculty/admin presenter.

Energy Conservation: Energy is an important economic issue on college campuses everywhere. This panel session will focus on innovative ways that schools have lowered GHG emissions and saved money through energy conservation measures.

Panelists will make relatively brief presentations (~ 15 minutes), allowing time for discussion with the audience. A proposal, one page maximum, should include:

• Name, affiliation, and email address of the person making the proposal
• Topic of interest
• Title for the proposed presentation
• A description of topic(s) and themes likely to be included in the presentation
• Brief Bio

All proposals must be submitted to no later than July 16, 2012.

Published by Doug R. Oetter

Professor of Geography at Georgia College & State University.

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