Fill your water bottle from the fountain

Former GCSU Student Ben Pattison transferred to Georgia Tech and noticed these in his new dorms. They allow you to easily refill your water bottle from the water fountain! Which means you don’t need to use throw away plastic water bottles. Neat idea and he said they count the number of water bottles being filledContinue reading “Fill your water bottle from the fountain”

Water Surveys 2010 – 2011

In 2010/2011, two studies a year apart conducted by undergraduate marketing research students at GCSU addressed some of the same research questions – results follow each question: 1) What are the faculty and students’ levels of awareness about water usage at GCSU? 2010 – This was addressed in several ways to draw conclusions. However, oneContinue reading “Water Surveys 2010 – 2011”

Energy and Water Meters Installed

Over the last two months, Plant Operations has installed 70 flow meters to measure electricity, natural gas, water, steam, and fuel oil usage for main campus buildings.  About half of the meters are electricity meters, making continuous measurements of energy usage for each building.  In the past, GC’s main campus was all one connected circuit, soContinue reading “Energy and Water Meters Installed”