Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center

For Spring Break this year, Associate Director for Sustainability Lori Strawder accompanied three Georgia College students on an “Alternative Spring Break” to the Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center in Washburn, Tennessee.  The group learned about ways of living that don’t damage the Earth, including permaculture gardening, energy efficient housing, and low-water plumbing. “We built lodgesContinue reading “Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center”

December Green Bag- Campus Sustainability

The December 2014 Green Bag Discussion Series featured  Dr. Doug Oetter’s students in Environmental Science and Geography 4400: Resource Use.  The students presented their course projects to investigate campus resource use. The class was divided into five focus groups – Electricity, Food, Gasoline, Materials and Water. Working with student, staff and faculty leaders, the studentsContinue reading “December Green Bag- Campus Sustainability”

Green Bag Discussion Series- A Monthly Lunch & Learn on Sustainability

The Sustainability Council launched the Green Bag Discussion Series today, featuring Associate Director for Sustainability Lori Strawder, who presented the newly-approved Campus Sustainability Plan.  The discussion series is a monthly lunch & learn meeting, on the first Monday or Tuesday of the month, to help explain and explore sustainability topics on campus.  Upcoming events willContinue reading “Green Bag Discussion Series- A Monthly Lunch & Learn on Sustainability”

Conserving Energy During Cold Weather

Dear Campus Community, Due to the severe temperatures, gas and power prices are rising. Directives have been issued to Georgia College by the State of Georgia Natural Gas Program Office and the University System  of Georgia Office of Real Estate and Facilities to minimize usage of power and gas for today where possible. Facilities staffContinue reading “Conserving Energy During Cold Weather”

GC meets the Georgia Energy Challenge

Congratulations to the GC Community for helping meet the Georgia Energy Challenge! The Georgia Energy Challenge was an initiative started by former Governor Nathan Deal in 2008 when all state agencies committed to reducing their energy usage by 15% by 2020. GC was one of 17 Georgia campuses recognized this past Friday, October 11, 2013, as havingContinue reading “GC meets the Georgia Energy Challenge”

Atkinson to join the Heating/Cooling System!

On Friday, October 10th, 2013, a contractor will be onsite working at Atkinson Hall near the cupola. The contractor will be removing the decommissioned chiller located inside the 1st floor mechanical room. Along with the chiller demolition,  the cooling tower and its brick enclosure located outside Atkinson will be removed. The demolition work will runContinue reading “Atkinson to join the Heating/Cooling System!”

Green Technology Suggestions

There are many things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint from technology.  Most electronic devices continue to use power even when they are in the “sleep” mode.  Power adapters for phone charging, computer peripherals, and accessories continue to draw anytime they are plugged in!  These “phantom loads” add up to hundreds of wastedContinue reading “Green Technology Suggestions”

Portable Energy Meter

The GC Sustainability Council now has a portable energy meter, which can be used to record energy usage for anything that can be plugged into a 120v socket.  This graphic shows watts and monthly cost for a standard desktop computer (about 100 watts), which drops to 6 watts when the computer was shut down.  ThoseContinue reading “Portable Energy Meter”

Electricity Meter Results from April to December, 2012

Electricity usage data from our new metering system shows that the Chiller Plant uses the most total electricity, followed at a great distance by Russell Library, Centennial Center, and the Wellness Center.  From April to December 2012, on the Metered buildings (not including residence halls), we used about 54,500 Kw-hr/day, which roughly works out toContinue reading “Electricity Meter Results from April to December, 2012”

Georgia Campus Sustainability Network Fall Conference – 09.14.2012

Call for Proposals: Georgia Campus Sustainability Network Fall Conference – 09.14.2012 Proposals are currently being accepted for one-hour panel sessions for the fall meeting of the Georgia Campus Sustainability Network (GCSN) meeting at Georgia State University, September 14, from 9am-3pm. Each session will be facilitated by a moderator, and include three panelists with technical and/orContinue reading “Georgia Campus Sustainability Network Fall Conference – 09.14.2012”