Green Bag Discussion Series- A Monthly Lunch & Learn on Sustainability

The Sustainability Council launched the Green Bag Discussion Series today, featuring Associate Director for Sustainability Lori Strawder, who presented the newly-approved Campus Sustainability Plan.  The discussion series is a monthly lunch & learn meeting, on the first Monday or Tuesday of the month, to help explain and explore sustainability topics on campus.  Upcoming events will be posted on the FrontPage Calendar and on the Sustainability Council Facebook page.

Strawder outlined the year-long process to create an official campus sustainability plan, a document that guides the university toward improving energy conservation, materials recover, and sustainability policy.

The university’s vision of sustainability includes:

  • implementing sustainability initiatives embracing social, environmental and economic components throughout campus;
  • progressing as a model of engagement through development and promotion of community-based partnerships;
  • evolving as a model for a sustainable campus in the Middle Georgia area; and
  • attaining recognition in the University System of Georgia as a campus leader in sustainability.

The document goes further to outline specific tasks to reduce energy usage and increase recycling.  While the plan has been approved by campus administration, it remains a ‘work in progress,’ as Georgia College works to improve its campus sustainability rating.

Published by Doug R. Oetter

Professor of Geography at Georgia College & State University.

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