Getting to Know Your Sustainable Staff, Continued

Introducing:  Mariah Fuller, our social media intern! 1.) What is your role in GCSU’s sustainability efforts, and what brought you to it? Currently my efforts are not only being sustainable myself, but helping others become sustainable. What I can do individually for the environment doubles just by reaching out to a friend and getting themContinue reading “Getting to Know Your Sustainable Staff, Continued”

Getting to Know Your Sustainable Staff

Because our sustainable efforts wouldn’t be possible without the all of the wonderful people on our team, we’d like to introduce individual staff members to the campus through this blog. We thought this questionnaire would be the perfect opportunity to showcase the identities and causes of the figures behind our efforts. So, without further ado,Continue reading “Getting to Know Your Sustainable Staff”

Saving the Planet, One Cardboard Box at a Time

In an effort to further GCSU’s sustainability awareness and effectiveness, nine different recycling stations were set up in convenient locations on the one day of the year when Georgia College’s waste output is significantly upped: move in day. In the sweltering heat, roughly 18 selfless, charitable volunteers manned the stations and spent the day flattening cardboardContinue reading “Saving the Planet, One Cardboard Box at a Time”