Getting to Know Your Sustainable Staff

Because our sustainable efforts wouldn’t be possible without the all of the wonderful people on our team, we’d like to introduce individual staff members to the campus through this blog. We thought this questionnaire would be the perfect opportunity to showcase the identities and causes of the figures behind our efforts. So, without further ado, prepare to meet our wonderful staff!

Introducing: Cam Skinner!

12189775_1029932973703877_7093397564620517396_n1.) What is your role in Georgia College’s sustainability efforts, and what brought you to it? 

I actively work with the Sustainability Office by volunteering at particular campus events that raise awareness towards sustainable practices. I originally joined the office when I began drafting a proposal that would need the council’s review

2.) What does being sustainable mean to you? How do you incorporate this into your everyday life?

Being an environmental science major, being sustainable to me means to keep the needs of future generations in consideration at all times. In other words, ensuring that the current population doesn’t overuse their resources. I attempt to incorporate sustainable practices into my everyday life such as utilizing CFL light bulbs, walking to class instead of driving or taking a bus, and recycling when possible. I think it is also important to spread the definition of what being sustainable actually is, and this is why I participate in the events hosted by the Sustainability Office here on campus.

     3.)   What changes do you hope to see in the sustainability efforts on campus?

I want to see a decreased amount of food waste on campus. With the projects of the composter and, hopefully, the initiation of a Campus Kitchen I hope to see that the amount of food that is wasted becomes minimized.

     4.)   If you could single-handedly correct any environmental issue in the world, which would you choose?

It would definitely have to be the most recognized environmental issue of climate change. Unfortunately, this is a problem that has become almost irreversible due to human impacts.


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