RecycleMania: One Month In

RecycleMania is in full swing. You may be asking yourself, what have we been up to?

We tracked our recycling! For Georgia College, based on our initial assumptions, the average cumulative recycling rate is 7.5%. Our weekly recycling rates have ranged from between 6.9 and 8.3%! You can also see what our recycling means in terms of the amount of CO2 equivalent that was saved, and energy to power cars and households on our scoreboard. To calculate this recycling rate, we estimate how full our campus dumpsters are on a daily basis. Half of these dumpsters (three trash bins and two recycling bins) are at the depot, where much of our campus trash and recycling is taken. We record these estimates in a spreadsheet, and each week use the total waste that has gone through the bins to estimate the weight. These estimates will be verified and updated at the end of RecycleMania when we take into account the real weights from our trash and recycling bills.

We recycled at Zeta Mother Daughter Day! On R25, you can now request to have recycling at any event on campus. The sorority Zeta Tau Alpha took advantage of this and recycled their gallon-size beverage containers at the event. The Office of Sustainability was there to set up and take down recycling bins.

We caught students green handed! Caught green handed is an initiative to reward students, faculty, and staff for participating in sustainable practices. We “caught” people using reusable water bottles, thermoses, riding bikes, and reusable grocery bags. Our prize is a jar opener, which is made out of recycled tires and which can double as a coaster, frisbee, fan, or whatever you want it to be.

Lauren and Joey

Lauren and Joey were caught green handed today! Reusable water bottles are a great way to stay hydrated and promote sustainability!

Meg        Rebecca

Meg and Rebeca sure know how to work hard and stay green with their reusable water bottles!

Check back with us and the RecycleMania Scoreboard to see how Georgia College ranks at the end of the competition!

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