Certificate in Sustainability at Georgia College

On March 21st, 2017, the Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia approved the Certificate in Sustainability at Georgia College.  This interdisciplinary certificate will be managed in the Department of Philosophy and Liberal Studies, in the College of Arts and Sciences, but it includes course offerings from three of the university’s colleges.  The program must be combined with an existing degree from across the institution.

Justification for Sustainability Certificate.


The motivation for the certificate is to provide a pathway for undergraduate students to achieve competence in the three E’s of sustainability: Ecology, Economics, and Ethics.  After taking an introductory class in sustainability as a sophomore, the students will complete three core-level classes and three advanced courses, spread out among many departmental selections.  To complete the certificate, each student will demonstrate their capabilities through a senior capstone class in interdisciplinary studies, or some related field, to be mentored by a faculty member trained in sustainability.

This certificate would support the goals of the GC Sustainability Council to “encourage the attitudes, choices and habits that support sustainability at the institutional and personal level in the Georgia College community and connect civic responsibility to learning experiences, both inside and outside the classroom through community service, education and outreach.”

Requirements for Completion.

The initial offering of IDST 2050: Sustainability is scheduled for Spring semester 2018.  The certificate is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate students or careers in the many fields of sustainability.  For more information, please contact the Department of Philosophy and Liberal Studies, 325 Terrell Hall, (478) 445-5221.

Published by Doug R. Oetter

Professor of Geography at Georgia College & State University.

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