10 Billion Lives

Sorry for all the posting, but here’s another idea….  Wednesday, Oct. 2 is World Farmed Animals Day and my Ethics and What We Eat classes will be tabling out around the Fountain area that day with information.  This relates to sustainability because animal agriculture contributes more to global warming than the entire transportation sector.  There is a possibility I could bring a mobile display called 10 Billion Lives (www.10billionlives.com) to campus.  10 billion is the number of land animals (so it does not include fish) that we slaughter for food every year in this country.  This is a traveling video display (a van with a large video screen) that pays people to watch a short video about factory farming and take some literature.  In the interest of full disclosure this is vegan advocacy.  Is this something the Sustainability Council could support–I don’t think it would cost us anything?

Mark Causey

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