Sustainability Fee Program

According to Section Two of the Sustainability Council’s bylaws, its purpose is to, “…identify and promote actions and initiatives that will enhance sustainability on campus” and to, “…incorporate the practices of sustainability and environmental planning into the short and long-term activities of the university…”. One of the ways the Sustainability Council aims to accomplish these goals is with the advent of the Sustainability Fee Program (SFP), a subset of the Sustainability Council at Georgia College. It consists of four student members, a Director and three Assistant Directors, who focus primarily on determining how the funds collected from each students’ Sustainability Fee will be used to make Georgia College a more sustainable campus by reviewing the grant proposals that are presented throughout the school year. At least once per semester, the Chair of the Sustainability Council will request grant proposal submissions from classes, student organizations on campus, or directly from individual students. Applications for grant proposals may be submitted to Once applications have been submitted, they are then reviewed by the Director of the SFP for completion and accuracy and given suggestions for improvements that could be made before the final submission. 

Academic Year 2020-2021 Student Members:

Director: Meagan Sullivan: I am a senior Geography major with a minor in Global Health and a certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As well as being a member of the Sustainability Council, I was also recently hired as the Office of Sustainability’s Community Outreach Intern. I have a special interest in environmental health and how it impacts human health; I believe that moving toward a more environmentally sustainable society is an imperative part of repairing and maintaining the health of our planet and all things that inhabit it. 

Assistant Directors:

Jessica Eleazer: I have a major in psychology, a minor in environmental science, and am pursuing the sustainability certificate. Sustainability can have a great beneficial impact on the world, and can hopefully allow the world to thrive for many more years to come. I volunteer at an animal sanctuary in Good Hope, GA. This has helped me understand the impact animal agriculture has on the world, and how precious all beings’ lives are.

Ally Esmond: Hello!  My name is Ally Esmond.  I am a sophomore Environmental Science major with a minor in Geology and a certificate in Geographic Information Science.  Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, playing guitar, hanging with friends, and long walks in the rain.  Sustainability to me means finding creative methods to preserve our resources and environment.

Savannah Taylor: I’m a World Languages and Cultures, and Economics double major- my concentration is in Spanish and I love to help tutor students in the language lab. I am also a part of the GCSU Leadership Certificate Program and am pursuing another certificate in Sustainability. I love sustainability because I think it’s something anyone can participate in as it stretches across all disciplines. I work for the Office of Sustainability as the Garden Manager so I’m usually covered in dirt, but I’m always looking to teach students the gardening basics and look forward to getting even more people involved in our campus garden this year! 

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