5 Sustainable Outlets in Milledgeville

Take advantage of the recycling spots Milledgeville has to offer! From Georgia College’s campus to local hot spots, here are 5 places you can count on for all your recycling needs. 

  1. Georgia College Office of Sustainability : Located at Miller Court, 302 N Wayne St., Room 310 

Help us promote a healthy and green campus by recycling on Georgia College’s campus. If you’re a part of the campus community, be sure to toss your clean plastics (grades #1 and #2), aluminum cans, cardboard, and paper in the bins inside of the buildings. You can drop off your e-waste, including batteries and ink cartridges, at the Office of Sustainability. Remember, if contaminated materials enter the recycling bin, like food or liquids, the whole batch becomes contaminated. So, when in doubt, toss it out! 

  1. Recycling & Convenience Center

If you’re living off-campus, request your own recycling bin from the Recycling & Convenience Center by Advanced Disposal. These 18-gallon bins are perfect for city residents looking for curbside pickup. They accept materials like newspapers, magazines, glass, chairs, and sofas. With such an easy system, there’s no reason you should wait to get your free bin! There is a small monthly fee involved, but it is no more than $15 a month to keep our neighborhoods cleaner. Call (478)-453-4435 for more information. 

  1. ECO ATM 

Hoarding that cracked phone from 2007 in your office drawer or at home? Take it to the ECO ATM at the Walmart in Milledgeville. This kiosk will appraise your old and unusable cell phones, then give you cash for your green donation. There’s no reason to hold onto your old technology, but make sure to dispose of it properly! 

  1. Campus Closet, Goodwill, & Salvation Army 

Clothing can take up to 40 years to decompose in landfills. Keep clothing out of the trash and donate it to someone in need at one of these three handy locations. Donate clothing to Campus Closet, where Georgia College students can take an item in exchange for an item. This is a new on-campus initiative located in Magnolia near the SGA office! Goodwill and Salvation Army are also great second-hand shops to donate to if you are out in the neighborhood. 

  1. Kroger & Walmart Plastic Bag Recycling 

Recycle all of those plastic grocery bags underneath your kitchen sink! Next time you’re at the grocery store, bring them along so that you can recycle them at Kroger or Walmart in Milledgeville. Both stores offer in-store plastic film recycling stations. Plastic bags are classified as single-use plastics and pollute ecosystems and natural habitats. Help keep Georgia College’s campus and the Milledgeville-Baldwin environment a little bit cleaner by properly disposing of these harmful plastics!

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