Green Bag Discussion: Dr. Mark Causey

The November Green Bag Discussion Series featured an excellent presentation by Dr. Mark Causey, Philosophy & Liberal Studies professor.  Dr. Causey talked about the economic, environmental, and health impacts of eating animals, as well as the ethical issues we typically ignore when choosing to consume meat, fish, and dairy products. A key environmental impact ofContinue reading “Green Bag Discussion: Dr. Mark Causey”

Ennis Hall Targeted for LEED Silver

The team renovating Ennis Hall is targeting their work for the Silver Certificate in the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building certification process.  Georgia College has enjoyed the the sustainability initiatives of the Wellness & Recreation Center, with its own Silver certification, and we look forward to exploring theContinue reading “Ennis Hall Targeted for LEED Silver”

Get Ready to Recycle, America!

The Environmental Science Club and Sustainability Council are hosting a table FOUR days this week (Tue-Fri, 10-2) for America Recycles Day (15 November)!!  We will have a lot of things to pass out and inform, including buttons, stickers, bookmarks, magnets, pencils, and information.   Several recycling bins will be raffled away to students who can passContinue reading “Get Ready to Recycle, America!”

Green Technology Suggestions

There are many things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint from technology.  Most electronic devices continue to use power even when they are in the “sleep” mode.  Power adapters for phone charging, computer peripherals, and accessories continue to draw anytime they are plugged in!  These “phantom loads” add up to hundreds of wastedContinue reading “Green Technology Suggestions”

FY13 Student Green Fee Request for Proposals

FY13 Student Green Fee Request for Proposals The Student Green Fee committee will begin reviewing grant proposals on Friday, April 5th.  You still have time to get your idea for sustainability funded!  Please take a look at our resource page: for more information.