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Georgia College Green Initiative

Georgia College is committed to the stewardship of its resources, including the campus physical environment.  With greater awareness of the environmental challenges that affect us locally and globally, Georgia College has renewed its commitment to taking stock of its own environmental impact and exploring ways in which the university community can enhance the environmental sustainability of our campus.

The Sustainability Council at Georgia College is responsible for identifying and promoting actions and initiatives that will enhance sustainability on campus.  Our major program is the Green Initiative, an ongoing effort to incorporate the principles of sustainability and environmental planning into the short and long-term activities of our university, and to share our knowledge with the surrounding community to help make our world more ecologically responsible.

The council provides periodic assessments of campus sustainability initiatives or practices, recommends actions that will move Georgia College toward greater environmental sustainability, and promotes awareness of sustainability issues on campus.  Each Earth Day, the Council delivers a Campus Sustainability Report to the university community.

How can I get involved?

The major campaign of the Sustainability Council is the Green Initiative.  This outreach program identifies eight areas of activity:

  1. Alternative transportation,
  2. Building and landscape design,
  3. Environmental education and leadership,
  4. Energy efficiency and conservation,
  5. Materials recovery and recycling,
  6. Organics and composting,
  7. Sustainability funding,
  8. Water conservation.

Each year, the council sets priorities to determine which of these important areas will be supported by an active working group. Working groups are open to students, staff and faculty who are ready to contribute to making Georgia College a more sustainable institution. If you would like to help, please contact the council by emailing

Georgia College Sustainability Council
Campus Box 085 | Milledgeville, GA 31061
Phone 478-445-7016 | Fax 478-445-1797
For more information:

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