Materials & Recycling Projects

Blue Bin Recycling Program

 Georgia College utilizes a single-stream method of collecting recyclables, which has been phased in over time. In 2010, the Student Government Association (SGA) initiated a Blue Bin Recycling Program that funded the purchase of 50 large 4-container blue bins and 60 single bins to distribute across campus.

In 2012, another effort to improve recycling rates, considered Phase I,  was approved. This funded the purchase of 300 7-gallon and 100 10.3-gallon blue recycling bins. The smaller bins were given to students living in the residence halls on main campus and to students living in the West Campus apartments.  The larger bins were located in the hallways, lobby, and offices of the academic buildings, targeting high-traffic areas.

Phase II of the program funded an additional 350 recycling bins, which were mostly distributed to faculty and staff.

Phase III provided the campus with 300 7-gallon bins and 300 10-gallon bins, as well as promotional posters and decals.


Special Recycling Pickups

 On the Georgia College campus, departments and organizations can email to arrange a pickup of bulk recycling. This is particularly useful for departments who are cleaning offices in anticipation of a move. We have helped departments on campus to recycle large amounts of cardboard, books, magazines, and paper.


Dedicated Recycling Drop-off Facility at West Campus

On West Campus, there is a dedicated drop-off facility for use by Georgia College students. It is conveniently located near the Village apartments. All recyclable materials can be placed into the blue herby curbies located inside the fence. New signage is displayed at the West Campus Recycling Center informing students of the accepted recyclables.

West Campus Recycling Center Sign



Dodge the Dump

Started in spring of 2017, Dodge the Dump is Georgia College’s move-out donation campaign. It is a collaborative effort planned on campus by the Offices of Sustainability, Housing, Operations and Maintenance, and Fraternity and Sorority Life as well as the GIVE Center. During the final week of spring semester, students are encouraged to donate their gently used items by placing them in bins or taking them to collection stations. These items are picked up by local non-profits who ensure that they are provided to those who need them.

Items which can be donated include the following:

  • appliances
  • clothing
  • non-perishable food
  • cleaning supplies
  • furniture
  • decorative items
  • household goods

During the 2017 Dodge the Dump campaign, Georgia College was proud to partner with Milledgeville Cares, Comfort Farms/Stag Vets Inc., the Milledgeville Community Garden Association, the Life Enrichment Center, and the Salvation Army.

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