Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center

For Spring Break this year, Associate Director for Sustainability Lori Strawder accompanied three Georgia College students on an “Alternative Spring Break” to the Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center in Washburn, Tennessee.  The group learned about ways of living that don’t damage the Earth, including permaculture gardening, energy efficient housing, and low-water plumbing. “We built lodgesContinue reading “Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center”

Composting at Georgia College

The March 2015 Green Bag Discussion was facilitated by Susan Daniels, Assistant Director for Landscaping and Grounds.  Susan led a discussion on the production and usage of organic materials at Georgia College, including the installation of a new industrial food waste composter and the school garden at West Campus. Susan has been at Georgia College forContinue reading “Composting at Georgia College”

SGA Director of Environmental Affairs Updates University Senate on Recycling Efforts

At the February meeting of the University Senate Resources, Planning, and Institutional Policy Committee (RPIPC) meeting, Student Government Association (SGA) Director of Environmental Affairs Paul Murray presented an informative and thought-provoking update on the GC Recycling Program.  Paul shared information from his recent conversations with Campus Life, University Housing, the Dean of Students, and theContinue reading “SGA Director of Environmental Affairs Updates University Senate on Recycling Efforts”

Green Bag Series Discusses Bike Share and Bike Friendly University

At the February Green Bag Discussion Series, GC Director of Parking and Transportation Ryan Greene presented current news on the Bike Share program, our efforts to become a Bike-Friendly University, carpooling to campus, and the Fishing Creek Community Trail. Ryan has been working with student leaders to help create a Bike Share program, whereby severalContinue reading “Green Bag Series Discusses Bike Share and Bike Friendly University”

December Green Bag- Campus Sustainability

The December 2014 Green Bag Discussion Series featured  Dr. Doug Oetter’s students in Environmental Science and Geography 4400: Resource Use.  The students presented their course projects to investigate campus resource use. The class was divided into five focus groups – Electricity, Food, Gasoline, Materials and Water. Working with student, staff and faculty leaders, the studentsContinue reading “December Green Bag- Campus Sustainability”

Green Bag Discussion: Dr. Mark Causey

The November Green Bag Discussion Series featured an excellent presentation by Dr. Mark Causey, Philosophy & Liberal Studies professor.  Dr. Causey talked about the economic, environmental, and health impacts of eating animals, as well as the ethical issues we typically ignore when choosing to consume meat, fish, and dairy products. A key environmental impact ofContinue reading “Green Bag Discussion: Dr. Mark Causey”

Campus Sustainability Day / Food Day

October 22, 2014 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Georgia College Back Campus (outside the Library) Georgia College is hosting Campus Sustainability and Food Day on October 22! This is a day to celebrate sustainability, health, and food-stability initiatives on the campus and in the surrounding community.  Sponsored by the GC Sustainability Council, Facilities Operations,Continue reading “Campus Sustainability Day / Food Day”

October Green Bag- GC Recycling Plan

For the October 2014 Green Bag Sustainability Discussion Series, Dr. Doug Oetter, Professor of Geography, delivered a short history of recycling materials at Georgia College and led a group conversation about how to improve our recycling rate. Recycling at GC goes back at least to 1990, when a campus-wide paper recycling program was initiated byContinue reading “October Green Bag- GC Recycling Plan”

Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary- Summary

Gene Baur, President and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, delivered an inspiring and informative talk to Georgia College students, staff, and faculty on Monday, October 6th 2015.  Gene has been speaking on college campuses for 25 years, sharing his knowledge and convictions regarding animal agriculture.  Years ago, he and others learned  how to expose cruelty inContinue reading “Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary- Summary”

GC Students Attend Georgia Campus Sustainability Network Annual Conference

Six Georgia College students attended the annual meeting of the Georgia Campus Sustainability Network on Friday, September 19th 2014 at Morehouse College in Atlanta.  The students participated in workshops, discussions, and learning opportunities.  They were motivated by a powerful keynote address by V. Anne Hearn, the acting Deputy Regional Administrator for Region 4 of theContinue reading “GC Students Attend Georgia Campus Sustainability Network Annual Conference”