Water Conservation Projects

Retrofitted Water Fountains

 Through the Sustainability Fee, a project to retrofit water fountains in academic buildings to allow for easier filling of water bottles was approved. 23 existing water fountains across campus were modified to feature a water spout, increasing the ease of refilling water bottles. This project intended to reduce the amount of water bottles ordered from Coca-Cola and increase the usage of reusable water bottles.

Hydration Station Retrofitted on a Water Fountain

Herty Hall Water Fountain Fitted with an Outlet for Easy Filling of Water Bottles

Brita Hydration Stations

University Housing installed 13 Brita Hydration Stations in the lobby area of each residence hall on Central Campus and in the West Campus housing buildings during the summer of 2012; at that time, they gave a reusable water bottle to each resident. In addition, they also partnered with Auxiliary Services to place a station in the MSU. These stations provide students with easy access to clean, filtrated water. The filters are replaced after using 2,500 gallons of water. This allows the university to track the usage of the stations depending on how often the filter needs to be changed. This project encourages students to live healthy, hydrated lifestyles and informs students of the importance of utilizing reusable water bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Brita Hydration Station in the MSU

Refillable Water Bottles

 Through the Sustainability Fee, reusable water bottles have been purchased and provided to students for special events and occasions.


Water Metering

 Sub-meters have been placed in select buildings on campus to allow for more accurate analysis of water usage.

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