Alternative Transportation Projects

Solar-Powered Golf Carts

Georgia College currently has two solar golf carts in operation on campus. The first of these was acquired through the Sustainability Fee, as part of a recycling project. The second one was built by two of our physics students, who retrofitted an electric golf cart with a rooftop solar panel. It will be used as a teaching tool in the physics department for ongoing data collection and analysis of its performance. Read more on this story, here. Watch the golf cart in action, here! Utilizing solar power has reduced energy consumption and costs on campus.


Sustainability Fee Solar Golf Cart

Solar Golf Cart Built By Physics Students

Bike Shelters

 To encourage the use of bikes as a means of transportation to and around campus, bike shelters can be found all across campus for secure storage of bikes.

Students can confidently ride their bikes to campus, despite the possibility of inclement weather. This encourages students to use an alternative mode of transportation, reduce gas and energy consumption, and live a healthy, active lifestyle.


Shuttle Buses

 Georgia College has a shuttle system that provides transportation to main, central, and west campus daily. On the weekends, the buses run additional routes to local major retail centers. The buses are fitted with bike racks to accommodate bikers.

Use the Live Shuttle Map to track the shuttles and view the route schedules, here.


Green Market Shuttle Bus

The Green Market is a local, sustainable, producer-only Farmers Market in Milledgeville.  The market is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, at the Marketplace Pavilion, located at 222 East Hancock Street. Here, local farmers and producers provide fresh, seasonal produce, meat, eggs, cheese, jams, jellies, breads, and more.

The Green Market Shuttle Bus transports students and Milledgeville residents to and from the market. The stops include the Wray Homes, Boys & Girls Club, GCSU Arts & Sciences Building, Harrisburg Center, and West Campus. The full stop schedule can be found here.

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