Energy Efficiency & Conservation Projects

Irwin Street Parking Lot LED Lighting Conversion

The metal halide lights at the Irwin Street Parking lot were converted to LED lights through a project funded by the Sustainability Fee. The goal of the project was to serve as a test pilot study determining what energy and cost savings could be gained by switching parking lights to LED. The location was chosen to the availability of utility metering and data for comparison. The project proposal can be seen here Irwin Street Parking Lot LEDs.

 The installation of the LED lights led to a reduction in both energy consumption (94221 kWh in FY12 to 20182 kWh in FY16) and cost ($10612.46 in FY 12 to $2846.90 in FY16). In addition, other benefits were noted. The improved lighting at the parking lot improved safety conditions. Local residents appreciated the reduced glare shining into their yards and homes. As such, this project provided economic, environmental and social benefits to Georgia College and the surrounding community.



Energy Meters

In order to more accurately track energy usage at specific buildings and locations on campus, sub-meters have been installed around campus.


Herty Hall Solar Panels

This exciting addition has awarded Herty Hall with the very first operational solar array on campus.

Over Spring Break of 2017, students and faculty volunteered to assist with the installation of solar panels on the rooftop of Herty Hall. Watch a clip of the installation, here!


Light Bulb Giveaways

During some of our tabling events throughout the year, the Office of Sustainability hands out energy efficient light bulbs to our students. Typically, we partner with Georgia Power on these giveaways.

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