Campus Sustainability Day / Food Day

October 22, 2014 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Georgia College Back Campus (outside the Library) Georgia College is hosting Campus Sustainability and Food Day on October 22! This is a day to celebrate sustainability, health, and food-stability initiatives on the campus and in the surrounding community.  Sponsored by the GC Sustainability Council, Facilities Operations,Continue reading “Campus Sustainability Day / Food Day”

October Green Bag- GC Recycling Plan

For the October 2014 Green Bag Sustainability Discussion Series, Dr. Doug Oetter, Professor of Geography, delivered a short history of recycling materials at Georgia College and led a group conversation about how to improve our recycling rate. Recycling at GC goes back at least to 1990, when a campus-wide paper recycling program was initiated byContinue reading “October Green Bag- GC Recycling Plan”

Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary- Summary

Gene Baur, President and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, delivered an inspiring and informative talk to Georgia College students, staff, and faculty on Monday, October 6th 2015.  Gene has been speaking on college campuses for 25 years, sharing his knowledge and convictions regarding animal agriculture.  Years ago, he and others learned  how to expose cruelty inContinue reading “Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary- Summary”

Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary

Come hear Gene Baur, co-founder of Farm Sanctuary and the man Time magazine has called “the conscience of the food movement” (plus he’s a plant-powered triathlete and marathoner) discuss his work with farm animal rescue.  Gene’s thoughtful and moving presentations set forth the great progress we have achieved by working together and address what each ofContinue reading “Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary”