Princeton Review Green Ranking for Georgia College

73/100.  That’s the latest (2012) ranking for the Green category from the Princeton Review for Georgia College.  It’s two points higher than 2011.  That’s why we spent a considerable effort last week filling out the AASHE/STARS and Princeton Review reporting tools for sustainability.  We have learned that we actually are doing much more than we’veContinue reading “Princeton Review Green Ranking for Georgia College”

It’s Official- Wellness Center makes LEED Silver!

Congratulations, Georgia College!  You have achieved the US Green Building Council’s LEED Silver designation for the Wellness Center!  This tremendous effort makes Georgia College the first institution in Central Georgia to have a LEED building!  Thanks are due to Mark Bowen and the entire building design and construction team! LEED stands for Leadership in EnergyContinue reading “It’s Official- Wellness Center makes LEED Silver!”

Electricity Meter Results from April to December, 2012

Electricity usage data from our new metering system shows that the Chiller Plant uses the most total electricity, followed at a great distance by Russell Library, Centennial Center, and the Wellness Center.  From April to December 2012, on the Metered buildings (not including residence halls), we used about 54,500 Kw-hr/day, which roughly works out toContinue reading “Electricity Meter Results from April to December, 2012”

E-recycle at Digital Bridges!

The Materials WorkGroup had a very successful meeting Monday 4 Feb 13 with Environmental Health and Occupational Safety coordinator Shea Groebner and Digital Bridges Information Systems Specialist Daniel Pittman. It looks like we are much closer to implementing an electronics recycling program than we had imagined. Currently, you may take your used computers, devices, phones,Continue reading “E-recycle at Digital Bridges!”